El Wafa Charitable Society:

El Wafa Charitable Society in Gaza, Palestine is a non-profit association that provides health services to people with disabilities through El Wafa Medical Rehabilitation and Specialized Surgery Hospital and social services by sheltering and caring for the elderly, without charge, through El Wafa Elderly Nursing Home.


The mission of the Society:

We provide all types of services to the Palestinian people, including social, living, health, recreational, educational, etc., to ease their suffering and ensure them a dignified life.

El Wafa Charitable Society vision:

We look forward to serving the Palestinian people by adopting their difficulties and defending them to alleviate their suffering and guarantee them a decent life. The association contributes to the sustainable development of society along with the contribution from the community and its citizens.

Philosophy of the Society:

El Wafa Charitable Society launches its activities through the following set of concepts:

  • Accommodation and care for the elderly who do not have children or caregivers.
  • Treatment and rehabilitation of people with special needs.
  • Providing various services and assistance to those in need to alleviate their suffering.
  • Providing vocational centers for groups in need and giving them the opportunity to produce and integrate into various aspects of life. 
  • Defending the rights of marginalized groups and the enactment of laws made for them through qualified, competent authorities.
  • Carrying out activities, sports programs, entertaining programs, etc., for the benefit of the association and public interest.
  • Establishing various service facilities, such as hospitals, health, education, and training centers, to serve the needs of the Palestinian society.

Society Programs

Society Programs:

El Wafa Charitable Society is a private association established under the license No. 1977 from the Palestinian Ministry of Interior. Through its health and social programs, El Wafa works to provide various quality services to the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.

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To contact El-wafa hospital

Internal numbers

  • Inquiry : اضغط (صفر)

  • Medical administration : 802

  • Public relations : 705

  • Projects : 706

  • Purchases : 717

  • Finance : 707

To Contact elderly nursing Home

  • Email : mosen@elwafa.ps

  • Phone : +970 8 2632110

    Internal : (902) مدير مركز المسنين

  • Fax : +970 8 2625005

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